Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I'm linking up with Sarah for Thursday Thoughts today! I also kept her Thursday Thoughts picture because, well, it's awesome! She took it outside the Baylor Science Building and since that's where I spent most of my time while I was there, I love it!

1. While browsing the web yesterday I came across an article on Yahoo entitled: Amazing! See Jersey Shore's Snookie Without Make-up. So of course, I clicked on it. And what do you know? She looks almost normal and 10x better than she does when her face is painted. Crazy.

2. I took a winter-mester last week which almost killed me, but in hindsight it wasn't that bad. But I have a final due tomorrow and a paper due next week. I haven't started either. Here's to starting off the semester right!

3. We are going to Pennsylvania on Saturday to celebrate my Great Aunt's 90th birthday. That's a pretty big deal and I'm super excited to see all of my family. And they get to meet my super awesome husband for the first time!

4. I had my first day of class yesterday for this semester. Class started at 7:45 and since I live 40 minutes away I had to wake up before the sun. That wasn't so fun. However, I only have to encounter traffic ONCE this semester because of my schedule and that makes waking up before the sun OK.


5. Yahoo also posted an article about college majors that are useless. I clicked on it praying mine wasn't on there. (As if I could somehow change it?) Agriculture topped the list. Thankfully that was my 2nd choice.

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