Sunday, January 1, 2012

Highlights of 2011

Since 2011 is officially over, I thought I would wrap it up with a post of highlights. Enjoy!


  • Started my very first "Big Girl" job at PathMaker Group as a Marketing and Sales Support Administrator.
  • My sister and some of my best friends threw me wedding showers in Waco and College Station


  • Went to Arkansas and watched my husband graduate from John Brown!

  • Married my best friend on June 26 and got to celebrate with so many wonderful friends and family

  • Traveled to the Dominican Republic for the first time

  • Blessed with so many wonderful wedding presents to stock our little home 
  • Chopped all my hair off and donated 11 inches to Locks of Love

  • Visited Sarah while she was working in New Braunfels at TBarM. She was a counselor in the same cabin that I was in last year!

  • My parents got a new Golden Retriever puppy named Blue

  • Started my second semester at DTS
  • Turned the big 22, which was exciting for me because I love even numbers
  • Went to a Rangers playoff game with my wonderful friend Loren
  • Went to the State Fair of Texas

  • Frank got a job at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano as the Producer of the children's TV show, Living With Fish, that they make
  • Frank turned 23 and we celebrated at Javier's in Dallas

  • First Thanksgiving as a married couple

  • Frank also started doing PA work on the new TNT series Dallas, which airs next summer
  • Went to the Baylor vs. Texas football game in Waco. It rained the whole time but Baylor won, so it was worth it!

  • Attended my first grown-up Christmas party for my office at Lawry's. It was so much fun and I am so blessed to work with such wonderful people. There was a group of Carolers that came by and sang Christmas songs!

  • Sent out our first Christmas card. I had so much fun creating these that I made two versions. Here is one of them!
  • Celebrated our first Christmas as Husband & Wife and also got to celebrate with our families!


  1. Your bloggy blog looks beautiful, Mrs. Armstrong! Can't wait to see you keep up with a blog! Sounds like a glorious 2012 resolution, eh?! ;)

  2. Hi - I'm a new follower from Sar! Looks like you had an eventful and fun 2011! I'm looking forward to following along in 2012. And I absolutely LOVE the wallpaper on your page!